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Posted By Admin on 03/03/20

A few years ago, all of a sudden, I kind of got invited less to BBQ’s and honestly speaking, when I did it bored me shitless. You see, my friends all got married one after the other in what seemed like a short space of time and just as quickly did they make babies.

Parties that carried on into the wee morning hours turned into Sunday midday sit arounds talking about babies and kids and what little Timmy is doing at swimming class and the most boring bullshit that I could just not relate to anymore.

I lost touch with many of my mates.

Just as suddenly, by far the greater majority of those guys are getting divorced and losing half their shit to someone they now hate and the other half to the maintenance they have to pay for their ex-wifes to raise their kids.

On the upside, it’s party time again, I am still single and now I’m included again. On the cards; a boy’s trip to Thailand which is going to be epic.

I’m hyping myself up in advance after taking on this Thai Chix discount for 62% off, which is well worth it thus far.

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Posted By Gush on 02/03/20



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Exploring this collection of videos will make you feel as if you were the one on these adventures. The Thai chicks he picks are real amateur Thai girls, and they are fucking gorgeous. Nice, squishy tits with perky brown nipples, mouth-watering slits, great booties… they are fucking delicious! Get this fucking discount while you have the chance (really, don’t miss out!) and fap to these awesome videos. If you have a fetish for Thai girls, you are going to love this site!

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Posted By Karlie on 10/31/19

If you haven’t already experienced Virtual Reality, then I strongly suggest you take advantage of this offer and save 74% now with a Real VR discount. This is a site that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the act to the extent that you just might forget you’re not really the one involved in all the action. Your senses will fool you into believing you’re the lucky guy getting all the attention. 

There are quite a few studios that are catering to this latest trend, but they’re all drastically different. Luckily this site brings you the best of all these studios. Kink VR, VR Bangers, BaDoink VR, VR Cosplay, YanksVR, LezVR, and TSVirtualLovers are just a few of the top ones you’ll find content from here. Members will find a wide range of niches so no matter what gets you going, you’ll find it right here like you’ve never seen it before. Members will have a collection of more than 320+ scenes that are truly amazing. This is a deal that won’t last long though, so I suggest you act fast.

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Posted By Karlie on 10/01/19

I travel a lot for work. It’s prevented me from having any real relationships. Although it’s a lonely life at times, I wouldn’t change a thing. When I have the time and urge, I turn to porn. Porn that features gorgeous ladies from the Far East has always gotten my attention. When I found out I could get 50% off now with an Asian Sex Diary discount, I knew I’d love the site. 

Members will get to follow the travels of John. He has to work, but finds a way to have some fun as well. He meets babes online and makes arrangements to hook up with them when he’s in their part of the world. There are more than 605+ videos that show how wild strangers can get. These Asian beauties aren’t porn stars at all. They’re just your average hot chick that you might see on the beach and imagine what she’d look like naked. 

There’s even a fun section where John teaches you how to make your next trip just as hot as his. 


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Posted By Trendy on 09/09/19

Asian porn is just on a whole other level, don’t you agree? I’ve dated a few Asians so I can confirm they’re better in bed than basic white bitches too. So when it comes to porn, why wouldn’t I be addicted to all the best Asian sites? I can’t afford them all, but I can definitely afford the best ones. Now you can too! Just click here to score this up to 50% off discount to AV Idolz.

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Posted By Admin on 08/23/19

If there’s anything hotter than a horny Asian babe, it’s a horny Asian teen babe. And if there’s anything hotter than a horny Asian teen babe, it’s two of them! The guy in this video at knows what I’m talking about. So do all of the viewers of that hot video who were smart enough to subscribe with this instant discount of 51% to Little Asians!

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When there are threesomes, they can’t get enough of those big hard dicks and love to share, but they also can’t keep their hands off of one another. Join today to see these nasty chicks in action!

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Posted By Admin on 07/19/19

There has only been one Asian girl in the list of chicks I have dated. She was mostly Thai. I met her through work back when I was a tech guy for a bank. She was a teller at one of the smaller branches and we’d flirt whenever I’d go in. I saw her off the clock one day, asked her out, she said yes. I took her out for drinks and dinner. We fucked that same night. Then she was pretty much done with me, revealed she was getting back together with her boyfriend and gave me the cold shoulder every time I was at her bank. I’d say it was a terrible experience, and it did feel that way at the time, but looking back, I got to fuck the hot girl from work and didn’t even have to commit! I think that’s actually a pretty good deal.

She was nothing like the Asian chicks in porn videos, but I still think of her sometimes when I am fapping to them. Especially when I come across scenes like the one pictured here starring a chick named Rika. That’s how she dressed and the hair is pretty similar too. We didn’t fuck in an office, but it’s fun to imagine we did.

Get a lifetime discount of 51% to JAV Hub here

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Posted By Karlie on 06/30/19

Have you ever checked out bukkake in the Japanese porn world? It’s the hottest thing I think I have ever seen. Young girls covered in loads of different dudes cum, on her face or her ass, or my favorite, all over her slit and running down her legs, if this sounds like something you’d be in to or you already love it like I do, check out Morning Star Club. These guys come up with many creative ways to entertain you with bukkake and the multitude of scenes will keep your attention for the length of your desire.

The young girls you will find at Morning Star Club are all delicious and their baby ass’s and cunts are tight and beg to be stretched. And while typical bukkake is just about the cum, you’ll find hardcore fucking here to break those little girl sex parts in and get them stretched out. If this is your thing, if you act fast and join right now, you can save 55% now with our Morning Star Club discount.

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Posted By Karlie on 06/26/19

I wouldn’t say that I’m cheap although my friends and family have been known to say it. I prefer to think of it as being frugal. I spend my money wisely. I’m not broke, nor am I rich. I have enough money to afford luxuries that I deem worthy and porn just happens to be one of those. When it comes to porn though, I’m not trying to waste money with a bunch of different memberships. I like to get my money’s worth. When I found out I could save 37% on with our discount, I knew it was a hell of a deal.

I’ve always had a thing for Asian babes and that’s what you’ll find here. This is, without doubt, the largest Video On Demand site that features only Japanese Adult Video. Just to give you some idea as to how large the archives are here, the updates come in regularly with more than 2,000+ additional videos added every month. There’s no doubt, this is an investment for anyone that appreciates the beauty of Asian ladies.

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Posted By Karlie on 05/26/19

Oral sex is an art that the ladies you’ll find here have mastered. They love receiving as well as giving and it shows in every scene. Right now viewers can get up to 85% in savings with this AV69 discount and have a massive library of hardcore Japanese content available at their fingertips. Oral sex isn’t the only thing on the menu here, but it is the feature.

There’s no question that Asian babes are smoking hot, and the ones you’ll find here are drop-dead gorgeous. They have tiny frames and delicate features that are sure to have you pitching a tent in your pants in no time. Threesomes, creampies, titjobs, outdoor sex, squirting, anal sex, and much more is on the menu here, so no matter what trips your trigger, it’s only a click away. Anyone that enjoys Japanese porn will be aware of the laws that require them to pixelate the genitalia, but this content is 100% uncensored so you’ll see every mouth-watering detail. This is the kind of site that you have your lube and tissues ready before you even sit down to watch.

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