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Posted By Admin on 12/03/17

These are some of the prettiest Thai girls you’ll find out there. Bali is one of my favorites and members have ranked her as a 10. Watch these girls strip and tease as if they were still working the go-go bar, they’ll finger and toy their moist pussies for the camera, fuck around with their girlfriends, and take huge white cocks in their tight little holes. Here’s where you can get your Thai Chix deal.

You’ll save 62% off full price and gain access to tons of exclusive videos and pictures. The site has been making daily updates for a long time and they continue to do so. You can download and save your favorites and still have fresh new content to check out on a regular basis. If you want to see young, 18-23 year old Thai amateurs getting nude and fucking on camera in some super-slutty sex scenes, this is where it’s at for you. Have a look around for yourself and grab this amazing deal today before it’s gone!


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Posted By Admin on 11/05/17

If you’re into young, amateur Thai babes then I’ve got just the deal for you. Check out Thai Chix which has completely uncensored, beautiful 18-23 year old girls from Thailand getting hardcore and nasty. You’ll find lots and lots of photos at this site and about 250+ videos offering you solo, lesbian, and hardcore sex from these gorgeous petite sluts.

You’ll save 62% off full price of Thai Chix and there are no download restrictions, so you can add your favorites to your personal stash. You can lock that deal in for a lifetime as well, meaning the price will never go up on you. It’s worth it because the site is updating regularly so you’ll always have fresh new content at your fingertips. Here’s where you can find this deal and any other massive discount to tons of Asian porn sites.

You’ll find more Thai girls, Filipina, Japanese and more hot Asians and some sites offer live sex shows. Several sites are going for at least 50% off full price and also offering that at a lifetime discount. Others come packaged as part of a network so you’ll get full access to everything in the network for no additional cost. Have a look around for yourself and grab the hottest deal on Asian porn for you today!

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Posted By Admin on 10/08/17

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of watching tight Thai ladies get every orifice turned into a cum dumpster, you need to check out this huge discount to Creampie Thais. Watch in every video as a dude picks up a horny Thai slut and goes in raw filling her with his hot jizz. Usually he’s dropping his load in her pussy, but there are oral and even anal creampies featured.

This is some pretty intense and hot content especially when you consider that they are slashing their prices, it’s definitely worth it! There are also bonus sites included with this deal to other Asian themed porn, so you are definitely getting more than your money’s worth here!

If you are in the market for even more hot Asian porn, or are curious where I myself get the scoop for hot deals such as this, check out They seriously have the best deals I have ever found anywhere and are my inside source for the best sites at the lowest prices on the net!

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Posted By Admin on 09/07/17

Thankfully, I’ve never done anything stupid, like let my ex take any nude pics of me or videotape us having sex. I would hate it if my pictures or videos turned up all over the internet. Lucky for you, none of my pics are here to destroy your libido, so why not get up to 67% off Submit Your Thai with this discount and check out these sexy babes instead?

The content is completely user-submitted here, so quality may vary, but you’ll be getting the real deal where dudes have gotten the inside look, recorded it, and it is now being shared with you! How much hotter can it get that you’re essentially checking out girls that never intended to be checked out by you?

Oh well, such is life. It’s shitty for most of us, but once in a while, you can benefit from the misfortune of others. That’s pretty much how things work these days right? Well, it certainly does for some hot revenge porn! Get your deal and sneak your peek as these glorious Thai amateurs.

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Posted By Admin on 06/05/17

Stunning oriental babes line the site from the home page. Thai Chix discount for up to 62% off are now up for grabs, giving you a cheap in to the exotic ladies of this popular holiday destination. 30-day passes have been discounted by 44% to $16.95. Yearly memberships slashed to $11.65!

At the time of writing the library contained a fraction under 1,000 high quality videos; it will likely have made the milestone by the time you read it. At 15 minutes average play duration, each video is available to stream or download. And with 2,415+ picture sets, there’s plenty of content to choose from or add to your own collection.

Thailand is not just spectacularly beautiful, the women are very easy on the eye and enjoy the attention. The typical 18-23 year old models here show just how liberal they are; they flaunt themselves and their sexualities without inhibition.

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Posted By Admin on 04/12/17

If you haven’t had your fix of sweet Thai pussy, then you need to grab this cheap discounted pass to that will never, ever leave you wanting! There is so much here, and with constant updates, you’re never going to get bored with this site! Not only are there Thai girls, but there are Japanese, Filipina, Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Korean chicks as well! You can’t say no to this. There are over 800 delectable videos of sweet oriental girls doing plenty of naughty things. This site alone is more than worth the steep 63% discount, but in addition to this awesome deal, you’re also getting free access to the entire GF network of 30+ sites with so many teen amateurs in so many different situations; you’re balls will never be full again. Check it out!

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Posted By Admin on 02/22/17


I always wanted the perfect job, if there is such a thing. I think any job where the pay is decent and the conditions are bearable is as good a job as any. While some girls spend their entire life working towards a high paying job that in the end just sucks, some choose to go a little lower in the food chain just to have fun. I give these girls all the credit they deserve and I also pat them on the back for having the courage to do it.

At GoGo Bar Auditions the girls arrive knowing full well what the job entails. There’s no hiding that sex is part of this job but you’ve also got to have some bar skills to really become a GoGo Girl. This isn’t just another casting site where the girls act dumb and have “no idea” this interview was going to get as dirty as this. Like I said before the girls know full well cock is going to be on offer and while some of them are so desperate for cash they’ll do anything to get it, some of these girls are just cock hungry sluts and honestly they’d fuck on film even without being paid for it.

One thing I love about GoGo Bar Auditions is there’s not a condom in site, it’s all bareback sex and I tell you what it’s fucking hot to see these tight Asian girls being fucked deep and hard. This is a recently new site and it’s still growing, right now they have just over 30 quality videos and it’s getting new ones added all the time. The site is well worth a look and anyone that’s a fan of smooth Asian pussy is going to fall in love with it. You guys can take a look at it in more depth when you use this GoGoBar Auditiions discount pass! 

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Posted By Admin on 01/04/17


I can certainly dig viewing a busty babe live on cam. What I thought when I joined Kristina Milan and her live cam was something else. I thought I knew all the top heavy girls but I’m happy to admit for some reason I didn’t know her. After spending a few solid hours watching her and those huge boobs bouncing up and down I feel like I’ve spent my time well. This girl has the edge in more ways than one, I can’t help picturing what it would be like to slide my cock between those massive tits!

It was a real pleasure viewing her live on cam and not just because of those huge natural tits. She was so nice as well, I had a little chat with her and she even told me I could masturbate on and she’d think of me and my cock while I was doing it. These types of horny cam girls are few and far between guys, don’t miss out just join her next live cam show for some kinky fun!

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Posted By Admin on 08/28/16


I’ve always wanted to open a Go Go Bar and only hire the sexiest Thai girls to work there. Now I thought I was the only one with this idea, how wrong was I! It turns out someone’s actually already done it and he even took my idea a step further. At his bar being hot just isn’t enough, you also need to be good in front of the camera so he holds regular auditions where he interviews (that’s code for fucking) horny Thai girls.

Now these girls no matter how sexy they are only get a job if they can prove themselves on camera. Not ever girl makes it and so they shouldn’t, at this Go Go Bar you’ll only get the best. The footage here is 100% exclusive and original, there’s a good amount of videos in HD and loads of hot pics as well. I joined up using this Gogo Bar Auditions discount pass because I wanted to make sure I could see all the action. Once inside you actually feel like your at a bar, the scenes are really well done and the quality of that Thai pussy on offer speaks for itself. I doubt you’ll need to find any other hot deals, but if you need to get more Thai porn discounts here!

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Posted By Admin on 08/17/16


I broke up with my Thai girlfriend just a few days ago and already I miss her so much. She was such an attentive girlfriend, always willing to suck and fuck my cock whenever I wanted. So why would I dump her if she was such a catch? Well it turns out one of her friends was hitting on me and she was a stunning Thai girl with big juicy tits. So you can say I pretty much just upgraded!

My ex thai girlfriend didn’t miss out though, I told her I was going to put all the sex tapes we made online and surely that would help her find a new boyfriend. She didn’t seem all that happy about it, but well she doesn’t have much say on the matter as I have the tapes on me.

I found a site that was funnily enough called Submit Your Thai! Here you could upload you ex girlfriend videos and pictures and they would put them online. I did just that uploading all of our sex tapes, I was looking around the tour and well I really like what I seen. I could totally dig the action inside the members area, I liked it so much I figured I might use this Submit Your Thai discount for 67% off the normal price!

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